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We are not…. Jaye Jaha Zindagi le Jaya Waha

At Perk Event Management, we understand the importance of creating events that are unique and memorable. Our experienced team of event professionals is dedicated to delivering an event that meets your expectations. With our expertise and dedication, we can help you plan an outstanding event.

I. Introduction

A. Perk Event Management
B. Founded in 2015
C. Expansion of operations

II. Initial Services

A. Started with Founder's college
B. Reputation and trustworthiness
C. Event Organised in Other Institutions

III. Expanded Services

A. College festivals
B. Management schools
C. Corporate clients

IV. Current Services

A. 350+ Brands/Clients worked with
B. 530+ Events Organised
C. 74k+ Total Events Sold

V. Team

A. Dedicated professionals
B. Over 8 years of experience
C. In House Assets & Equipments

VI. Commitment

A. Highest quality of event services
B. Great Mission & Vision
C. Creative & Innovative Events Ideas

VII. Future Plans

A. 1000+ Events Tragets by 2025
B. PAN India Coverage
C. Super Innovation

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of The Perk Event Management is to provide exceptional event management services to all our clients and partners, by delivering high-quality events that meet the highest standards of excellence. We strive to provide innovative, creative, and customized solutions to ensure that every event is a success. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, while fostering an atmosphere of excellence and mutual respect.
The Perk Event Management’s vision is to be the leading event management company in India. We aim to grow our business and create a lasting impression in the event management industry. As a company, we are committed to delivering quality services that exceed our clients’ expectations, while fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and dedication. As we continue to expand, we are committed to providing our clients with the best event experiences, while creating lasting relationships.

About Company

Perk Event Management is a brand of On & UP Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. It’s a full-service event management company that specializes in creating and managing events of all types and sizes. We are committed to providing our clients with top-notch service and quality results that exceed their expectations. Our experienced team of professionals is comprised of event planners, designers, marketers, and coordinators who work together to create unique and memorable events. Our services include political events, college fests, talent and celebrity management, fashion shows, catering, event production setup, event ticketing, and sponsorship help and guidance.
Worked with
We have worked with some of the biggest brands such as IIT Indore, IIM Indore, IISER Bhopal, SPA Bhopal, MANIT Bhopal, IISER Pune, BITS Goa, IIM Kashipur Uttarakhand, DU (PGDAV College), Deshbhandu College (DU), IIT Jodhpur, and many others. We have also managed and organized private parties, corporate events and brand promotion events.
Working Style
At Perk Event Management, we strive to create events that are unique and memorable. We understand that each event is special and requires careful planning and execution. With our experience, expertise, and dedication, we are confident that we can deliver an outstanding event that meets your expectations.
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